F-ist Co., Ltd.、Obrigado Co., Ltd.

Company name F-ist Co., Ltd.、Obrigado Co., Ltd.
Website http://yaoshin.com/
Date of investment November 2022
Investment background Corporate growth through accelerated store openings
Deal type Growth support
Type of business Fruit and vegetable retailer (concessionary chain)
Status Investing

Background to the Deal

  • Fruit and vegetable retail chain with strengths in agile and flexible product procurement based on customer needs
  • Further growth potential through standardization of product procurement and sales know-how and accelerated store development

Bluepass Capital's Key Initiatives

  • Improve operations by visualizing the unique know-how of buyers and sales staff
  • Support for formulation of mid-term management plans and establishment of personnel evaluation systems
  • Support new store development in collaboration with group companies of Bluepass Capital and accelerate roll-up investments