OPERATING PARTNER Management Position Candidate

Outline of Application

1. Background to recruitment

【Candidate for management positions at Bluepath Capital portfolio companies】

Bluepath Capital’s mission is to create a platform where young, professional managers are developed through its many investments.
We build relationships with potential management candidates for our portfolio companies in advance, and introduce them to the projects that most suit their strengths and aspirations.
For those managers who have made a mark at a porfolio company, we will introduce a series of management opportunities with subsequent new investments in order to shape their careers as professional managers.
In the future, we also envision building opportunities for managers (or management teams) who have developed a track record to invest in companies in which they would like to become president, in a manner similar to a search fund.

Potential future managers and entrepreneurs may be considered for Prored Partners’ turnaround team, where they will gain experience as resident consultants in corporate revitalizations, value enhancement consultants at PE fund investees, and management personnel at Prored Partners’ principal portfolio companies.

2. Job description

  • CEO/COO (President/Vice President)
  • CFO (Director/Executive Officer in charge of Corporate Planning, Finance, Accounting, and Administrative Departments)
  • CHRO/CTO/CMO (Director/Executive Officer)

We are looking for people who

  • Have a proven track record of management reform, corporate revitalization, and value enhancement at professional firms
  • Have hands-on experience in implementing management reforms at an operating company, such as a portfolio company or subsidiary
  • Have a proven track record of increasing value for PE fund portfolio companies
  • Have management experience at an operating company, or equivalent experience
  • As entrepreneurs, have grown their sales to billions of yen and their organizations to about a hundred people
    *We will also consult with you on careers that exit your own start-up company to a buyout fund and turn you into a professional manager
  • Have experience in management decision-making and execution, and in getting through difficult situations
  • Have a strong will to become a professional manager in the future (potential human resources)

Employment type/work location/working hours

To be discussed separately as soon as the portfolio company is decided

Estimated annual income

Around 10-30 million yen + stock options or exit bonus
*Expected value of stock options is around 100-300 million yen

Examples of annual income at portfolio companies
17 million yen x 3 years + 10 million yen for exercising stock options = 151 million yen (3-year cumulative total)
25 million yen x 3 years + exit bonus of 80 million yen = 155 million yen (3-year cumulative total)

Application documents

Resume, curriculum Vitae
(it is recommended to include something that shows your track record)

Selection steps

  1. Document screening
  2. Interview
  3. Case/subject tests (as needed)
  4. Introduction of management positions in portfolio companies
  5. Interviews (multiple rounds, including with investees)
  6. Offer of employment

Thank you for your interest in Bluepass Capital.
To apply, please send your full name, furigana, contact information (phone number, e-mail address), and desired position, along with your resume and curriculum vitae, to the e-mail address below.