Job description

1. Background to recruitment
Bluepass Capital is Japan’s first full-fledged buyout fund with roots in management consulting. The first fund was launched in January 2021, and had its final closing in March of the same year. Since then, investment execution has been proceeding smoothly, and we are looking for a few more fund managers.
As a hands-on style buyout fund, we are actively recruiting not only those with backgrounds in funds and investment banking, but also those with backgrounds in management consulting.

2. Our strengths
Our initial members are mainly those who took the risk to join us from the pre-fundraising stage, and our front members, including the CEO, are all millennials, making us a young, venture-minded buyout fund.
In terms of investments, we have a hands-on style that proactively grows sales and EBITDA in areas where we can add value to our portfolio companies, and will make investments that are meaningful not only to investees, but also to society. In addition, we place emphasis on growing young, professional managers through our investments.
Our organizational culture is flexible, transparent, flat, team-oriented, and full of laughter, with a high level of professionalism. We are committed to our portfolio companies and stakeholders, and we value creative thinking which provides them with new value.
Regardless of age or position, our members proactively source potential investees, participate in investment decision-making, and collaborate with a diverse range of professionals to execute and add value. We will grow together with those involved in our projects, develop trust, overcome various dramas, and deliver solid results.

3. Team members
Please refer to our website. Some members are not yet listed on our website, but we will tell you about them separately during the interview process. We are looking for associates from diverse backgrounds.

We are looking for people who

  • Agree with our mission and values
  • Aim to solve Japan’s social problems by training and producing professional managers
  • Have a high level of professionalism with result-oriented approach
  • Are able to make their own decisions, take risks, and make commitments
  • Have good communication skills, value teamwork and cooperation, and show compassion and intelligence
  • Demonstrate integrity, honesty, humility, and interpersonal skills that are respected by others
  • Are able to work with dedication, and have leadership qualities that can be applied at the helm of portfolio companies
  • Are quick, thoughtful, and able to produce high-level output (quantity and quality)
  • (Preferably) have the ability to source and complete projects on their own within one year
  • No individualists, worshippers, mounteers, or critics are wanted

Employment type

Full-time employee (probationary period: 3 months)
*No change in treatment during the period

Estimated annual income

Annual salary (negotiable)
Opportunity to invest in an officer and employee fund *Loan program available
Carried Interest *Associate and above
Others to be explained separately at the time of employment offer


Semi-annual evaluations and annual salary increases/promotions

Work location

Bluepass Capital Inc.
Sumitomo Fudosan Onarimon Tower 7F, 1-1-1 Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo

  • The basic start and end times shall be as follows
    Start time: 10am
    End time: 7pm
    Break time: 1 hour in the middle of the workday
  • The basic holidays shall be as follows
    Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, summer vacation, and year-end/new year holidays
    *In principle, start and end times, break times, and holidays shall be based on the above, but may be changed at the discretion of the individual when necessary to perform his/her duties as an employee under the High-Level Profession System, and shall not be restricted in any way by the above

Application documents

Resume, curriculum vitae, (optional) explanatory materials on track record, etc.

Selection steps

  1. Document screening
  2. Financial model test, subject test
  3. Interviews (multiple rounds)
  4. Offer of employment

Thank you for your interest in Bluepass Capital.
To apply, please send your full name, furigana, contact information (phone number, e-mail address), and desired position, along with your resume and curriculum vitae, to the e-mail address below.