Japan’s private equity market (hereinafter “PE market”) has a history of a little over 20 years and has been expanding further since the Abenomics economy of the mid-2010s, with more than 100 private equity fund (hereinafter “PE fund”) investments now taking place every year.
The growth of the PE market in recent years can be attributed to (1) a growing need for business succession, (2) an increase in the number of small to mid-size deals, and (3) a greater understanding of PE funds. The expansion of the PE market has also led to the development of collaboration with the consulting industry during the post-investment value enhancement phase.

I have been involved in a number of hands-on supports for companies in PE fund portofolios to enhance their value. Through such experience, I am now convinced of three things below.

The first is that a thorough hands-on approach is the best way to provide added value to portfolio companies. When people like us, who have been involved in the management of various businesses, collaborate with the management, employees, customers, and suppliers of an investee company in a thoroughly hands-on manner, it creates a chemistry with the potential to become the driving force behind the company’s transformation.

The second is that PE funds can help to develop professional managers. After our investment, we do our utmost to reform the company and achieve new goals with management, providing an excellent opportunity for managers to stretch their legs and grow significantly. Our mission is to develop young, professional managers with a spirit of challenge to make Japan more competitive.

The third is that there is a need for the organizational value enhancement capabilities provided by PE funds. We believe that it will be necessary for PE funds to differentiate themselves at the organization level beyond the individual capabilities of professional managers and fund managers, as the business environment and problems become even more complex. While we ourselves are a small team of professionals, we have hundreds of affiliated consultants and networks of industrial experts behind us, providing a favorable structure for organizational value enhancement. In addition, we are planning to develop our value enhancement capabilities further in the future.

With this backgrounds, we established Bluepass Capital as a PE fund originated in consulting firm, differenciating ourselves by the value enhancement capabilities to fulfill our mission of:
1) Creating a cumulative total of 100 truly competitive growth companies through hands-on support
2) Creating a platform to develop professional management personnel through fund investment
3) Creating an environment that maximizes fund managers’ abilities, and through this, contribute to the development of society

Although our journey has just begun, we are fully committed to the interests of our stakeholders, cherish every encounter, and strive to make the PE Fund an increasingly meaningful part of society.
We would also like to express our gratitude to all those who have supported us in the establishment of our company, and to those who have collaborated with us in our investment activities. We will strive for further growth to meet your expectations.

Blue” is the color associated with trust, integrity, intelligence, transparency, persistence, and dedication, and represents our commitment to the sustainable development of corporate value based on a relationship of trust with our stakeholders. “Pass” not only signifies the linking of management succession to passing of the baton, it also overlaps with the four letters at the center of one of our core values, “Compassion,” expressing the firm determination of our fund members to accept, respect, and cherish diversity.
The two blue dolphins forming a circle in our logo represent permanence and circulation. As symbols of sustainability and social responsibility, they represent that we build a sustanable growing company in partnership with the investees.


  1. To create a cumulative total of 100 truly competitive growth companies through hands-on support
  2. To create a platform to develop professional management personnel through fund investment
  3. To build an environment which can maximize fund managers’ abilities and contribute to the development of our society