Investment Advisor



He was involved in the PE fund business at Yukon Capital Partners, where he was in charge of executing investments in infrastructure construction, cram schools, women's footwear, and industrial machinery, as well as value ehancement and exits.
Before that, he worked at Phoenix Capital Co., Ltd., where he engaged in investment and value enhancement operations for machinery trading companies, manufacturing companies, contractors, construction companies, etc.
Before that, he was involved in the M&A advisory business at Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., where he was in charge of a series of tasks including proposals, corporate valuations, process control, DD implementation support, negotiation support, and documentation.
Before that, he worked in financial auditing at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, focusing on U.S. GAAP.

Education and Qualifications

Graduate of The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics
Certified public accountant