Vice President



Feb. 2021 - Joined Bluepass Capital Inc.
Before that, he worked as a member of the M&A Advisory Group in the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd., where he primarily engaged in proposal and execution activities aimed at generating M&A and financing deals in the cross-border retail, transportation, Medtech, TMT, and industrials sectors.
Before that, he worked in the Investment Banking Division of Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., where he was involved in generating M&A and financing (PO/CB/SB/IPO, etc.) deals in the electrical, precision, automotive and machinery sectors, domestic and international M&A advisory services in the retail, healthcare, transportation, construction, and financial sectors, and deal development in the industrials sector as a coverage banker.

Education and Qualifications

Graduate of Keio University, Faculty of Law
Accredited Analyst, Securities Analysts Association of Japan